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Growing our roots in Denver, Urban Herbs is the new standard in accessible Chinese Medicine, providing sliding-scale herbal consultations for the community and an unbeatable online Chinese herbal pharmacy for practitioners. With over 360 bulk and granular Chinese herbs for customization, two passionate practitioners, and a one-of-a-kind online formula creation system, Urban Herbs works to both support and unify its expansive network of herbalists with the ever-growing community of patients.


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Did you know that we offer a non-invasive, non-needle, and painless acupuncture treatment for children?

Urban Herbs

Shonishin is a Japanese acupuncture system used for infants and children, from one month to ten years of age.  The treatment involves tapping and brushing along meridians and applying light pressure to acupuncture points.  Needles are not typically used on children under 7 years old.  Instead we use small tools made of copper, gold-plated, and stainless steel that rub and tap the acupuncture points.  Shonishin is practical, cost-effective, and produces positive results!  It can be used for health maintenance and support for the treatment of childhood disorders.  Children generally find these treatments very relaxing.

Pediatric conditions we commonly treat include asthma, ear infections, ADHD, bed-wetting, bronchitis, cold/flu, colic, constipation, developmental disorders, chronic diarrhea, eczema, fever, insomnia, teething, chronic sinusitis, and urinary problems.